About Us.

The goal is simple; to publish valuable resources for African millennials.

As long as it contributes to the growth of the younger generation, we’re up for it.

We won’t just create epic, quick to read content, we would also curate contents that we find interesting across the globe, bringing everything home in the “African” way; from academics to career, to entrepreneurship, oh! and a little bit of humor in between.

Chief Editor:

For the lack of better words, I’ll take the chief editor title. But basically, I am the engine oil that keeps the engine grinding around here. Adeleke Augustus Oluwatobi by name, a student, an entrepreneur, and a tech enthusiast.

I hope you enjoy surfing through the pages and do not hesitate to reach out if you would love to contribute to this platform.


Currently, we have two full-time writers that work remotely. Blessing Mills is a Nigerian, and she handles most of the entrepreneurship post on the website.

Austin Cyril is a smart dude that finds pleasure in analyzing complex stories in a way that everybody would understand. He does the chronicling and African history section.

There you go! We’re humans! We’re real!

Just before you bounce off though, you can tell your friend about us. It might not add a penny to your net-worth, but it does make us feel awesome. :).