Jobs in High Demand In Nigeria

The job market in Nigeria is becoming very competitive. It is becoming more and more challenging to find a job. A lot of university graduates are without jobs and even a few companies that employ labors are gradually downsizing the number of their employees due to the economic tension in the land.

Irrespective of the economic crisis and hardship in the country which has made it difficult to secure jobs, a few job sector is still booming and more and more people skilled in these areas are being demanded on daily basis. This article presents a few sectors in the country that have high demands of workers.

Web designers and Database administrator

Then growth of internet business has necessitated a lot of businesses in Nigeria operating online as well as offline. To have online presence a business must be able to develop a good and functional website to showcase what it is offering to the world. This has resulted to enormous demands for web developers and database administrators to ensure the smooth running and management of the digital lines of traditional businesses that are expanding online to gain more followership.

Social media skills

As Nigeria joins the rest of the world in the global trend of internet technology and as more Nigerians are beginning to make use of the internet, there has become a gradual shift from traditional marketing techniques to digital marketing techniques.

Social media is making a lot of impacts on the way information are managed and transferred in the country. As many Nigerians are beginning to make more and more use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and a whole lots of other platforms.

With the recent developments, businesses are finding it easier to reach an extensive audience through the social media at a reduced cost. With these technologies, they are also able to track down and check on the successes of their marketing campaign. This has led to increase demand for professionals who are able to launch this campaign on their behalf.

SEO Analyst

The improvement in internet services in Nigeria is impacting on the way Nigerians search for information. The great majority of Nigerians make use of search engines like Google whenever they want to search for information online.

There it has become pertinent for business brands to develop their brands in a suitable way to ensure that people search for information online they get to see them before their competitors.

The work of search engine optimization analyst is to ensure that the company they are representing rank in top positions organically.

Businesses are highly demanding professionals with skill in SEO to boost their business success and this is only beginning. More of these professionals will be demanded in the future as more and more businesses move into the digital world.

Network Administrator

The advent of technology and globalization of digital business approach has made many businesses to move online. As a result of this, businesses are currently looking for talents with network administration skills. The success of any business in the digital world largely depends on good internet connectivity.

A network administrator works hard to ensure that there are minimal network downtime makes the business highly relevant and successful.

Media Sales Representative

Marketing businesses through the word of the mouth either via the conventional media or online will continue to be a fundamental strategy for business success both in Nigeria and beyond.

For businesses to become successful they need to make more sales. Therefore, a skillful media sales representative who knows efficient strategies to constantly close business deals for business is in high demand.

Marketing skills

One of the most requirements of any company is effective way to get words about their business across to individuals and groups who might be requiring their services. As a result businesses are constantly looking for ways to achieve this and employing people who have great marketing skills have proved to be consistently successful.

If you have great marketing skills it might be great to horn your skills to meet up with the high demands for marketers in the country currently as businesses transit from standard for to the digital world, it might help if you learn efficient digital marketing strategies to improve your employ-ability in the fast expanding digital business world.

IT/ Telecom engineers

With the growth in the Nigerian Telecom Industry, engineers are in high demand to be able to install and maintain different facilities of various kinds all over the world. These engineers don’t only work in for four key players in the industry- MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat. There are other businesses in the sector and additional ones to come. Individuals who have engineering skills have higher chances of securing jobs fast.

Airline pilots

The Aviation industry in Nigeria is fast evolving. The enormity of restructuring programs being embarked by the government is making a lot of airlines to start to establish their business in the country. This has opened up new world of work for route for people to work in both local and international flights.  People who have skills for piloting a plane are thus in high demand.

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  1. I don’t particularly have a job to offer but if you have good portfolios of work you can try freelancing sites. They can be great place to start. If you don’t yet have portfolios, try doing some work to gather some. Offer pro bono services to companies to gather some good work samples and get them to leave you good references. Those will help you a lot as you try to build your career and brand. Good luck

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