Weekly RoundUp: When It Comes To Procrastination, You’re Not Alone.

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When It Comes To Procrastination, You’re Not Alone.

If you don’t do it now, when will you get it done?

It’s a common problem for our generation, so you’re not alone, everybody find it easy to spend hours watching the television or scrolling through social media news feed rather than get something more important done…

Procrastination… We all suffer from it, and the truth of the matter is that, as long as new innovation keeps coming up every year, our attention span will continue to dwindle down, and we will keep suffering from procrastination; pushing aside important task for the not so important things, like checking Facebook when you have a work deadline to meet.

Short attention span and procrastination is a huge disadvantage to us all, but rather than seeing it that way, you can take advantage of others indiscipline in this very competitive world we’ve found ourselves.

Earlier this week, I was reading about overcoming procrastination and staying motivated enough to get things done.

Few years from now, HR departments in big corporations will find a way of testing applicants and employees’ ability to stay focused with any given task, in other word, being disciplined will give you a competitive edge ahead of others in the nearest future.

Before then, here are few good articles I stumbled upon on the subject of motivation, procrastination and discipline as I delved into the topic earlier this week.

If you’re feeling energized, and you need an idea on what to work on to help people overcome their indiscipline or achieve a better use of time, why not build a productivity app and make money from it?

PS: I’ll gladly be your app tester.


The concept of mental model is not often talked about in this part of the world. I was discussing with a friend during the week, and I had to explain what mental modelling is all about.

Still the person wasn’t interested, so I figured, I’d talk about it briefly in today’s roundup, hopefully readers will find it beneficial.

FarnamStreetBlog has a great guide on various mental models, but it will be hard for someone hearing of the concept for the first time to understand how resourceful their guide is. I’ll talk about the concept briefly, and then you can head over to their page and bask from the knowledge shared in text.

Based on scientific research, decision making is one of the hardest thing we do every day, its mentally stressful to make good decision, and the higher the number of decision you make per day, the lower the probability of you making the best decision.

This explains why some CEO wear the same type of shirt almost every day. It ease their burden on deciding on what or what not to wear.

But the concept of mental model go way beyond that, the idea is to help people make fast, better, and precise decision based on information that has been acquired over time.

If this should happen, then this will be my response to it, because I have read tons of stuff about it, and how such issue has been handled over time.

That’s basically what mental model is about. The hard part of the concept is getting your mental state well equipped with the information needed to create the right model.

I am no expert on the subject, so I’ll leave you in good hands.


Last week, I wrote about the problem start up should expect when building a reputable business, I was very happy when I saw Mark Zuckerberg commencement speech at Harvard, where he said it over and over again, that it is ok to be confused, it is ok to not know the entire details at the beginning.

If you haven’t read the article, then do so now.

You can equally watch Mark’s video when you’re done.



From various tech events on weekly basis across the country, to governments making laws that will favor the tech ecosystem, it’s not a far-fetched assumption to say we’re gradually evolving as a nation.

I was really surprised to read about the government bringing tech oriented millennial on board as regards development issues, read this for more details.

Another interesting piece is the launch of Hackathon that is being sponsored by the federal government. A hackathon event! And Federal government as sponsor? What more do you call evolution, if not this.

Although the compensation isn’t that huge, but it’s a good place to start.

… On the blog…

I’ve always had a thing for young Africans defiling all odds to achieve their dream, hence we wrote a story about Mayowa Nicolas and how she has successfully created a name for herself in the modelling industry despite all odds.

Investing in Africa is taking a whole new dimension, I read about FarmCrowdy few weeks ago, and decided to write about the future of agro-allied industry in Nigeria and Africa at large… The post is targeted at people looking forward to invest in the agricultural sector but with zero experience.

In a country like ours, we rarely talk about mental health. We’re too focused on surviving at the expense of staying healthy mentally; so I decided to write a little bit about sanity, hopefully it will help somebody out there.

For about two weeks now, I have been compiling a massive list of websites for job seekers in Nigeria. The list went life yesterday.

It’s a compilation of 34 websites that Nigerian Job seekers would find useful. Some of the sites are into listing available job opportunities, while others are into rewriting cv and sharing career and interview tips.


This is a new session on the weekly roundup, the idea behind this section is to share some shower thoughts of mine, and ideas that crossed my mind during the week.

  1. Nigeria could use a local version of Udemy.
  2. Shared office space is a very lucrative business, why are people not looking into it as a business?

That’s it for this week..

Keep Growing!



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