5 Ways Setting Deadlines Can Improve Productivity & Make You A Better Person

There is a reason why some of the most successful people on the planet value their time more than anything else. They have perfected the art of monetizing time by setting deadlines in almost all facets of their lives.

Everybody wants to be the next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg. But their time management skills in relation to productive works are abysmal. They keep putting off important projects in favor of doing something they consider less stressful.

And that is exactly how not to be successful.

It is very common to see people railing against deadlines. They wonder why they have to complete certain tasks at a particular time. ‘It is not as if the sky would fall on the world if I don’t do it before that time,’ they’d grumble.

If you have a boss, friend, teacher who is always setting declines, be thankful because they are teaching you something you would need sooner or later; especially if you have dreams of becoming a successful boss too.

If you are still skeptical about deadlines, read on to see reasons deadlines are important and all the good they would bring to your life.

1. Deadlines would re-orientate you towards the finish line

When you draw a line as to when you need to complete a project, you are forced to find ways how to complete it before that time.

Suddenly, you discover how to use your time productively looking for creative ways to finish the job. You would find out you had resources in you you never knew about.

2. Deadlines help you to cut out unnecessary work

Until you learn to work with deadlines, you would never know how much time you waste doing needless stuff. For most young people these days, social media is the number one culprit where too much time is wasted.

Once you set a deadline, your ability to manage your time is severely tested. In a ‘do or bust‘ deadline, you would definitely learn how to prioritize the most important things with the limited time at your disposal.

3. You would learn how to push yourself

This is one of the most important things you would learn about setting deadlines.

Your attitude when you have a deadline that must be met (or there would be consequences) is like that of a man in a rush. If lethargy was your companion before, your new best friend would be the surge of adrenaline imploring you to get off the mark.

Suddenly you have the energy to do so much. And you never stop until you meet certain targets all in a bid to avoid the consequences of not meeting the deadline.

4. You learn to make only promises you can keep

Without deadlines, people tend to make promises without giving it much thought.

Because there is no clear timeline for delivery of the finished task, it is easy to make open ended promises. In cases like this, it normal to keep shifting the delivery date or time.

This is frustrating to people who are depending on you to deliver. But once you set a deadline, you become honest about the promises you make. At the same time, you’d discover and love the benefits of keeping your promises.

This would improve your relationship with clients, colleagues and friends or family.

5. You get a confidence boost

Ultimately, that is one of the biggest benefits of setting deadlines.

As your personality changes from somebody who

  • spends too much time on social media
  • never delivers on promises
  • never gets jobs completed on time

to somebody who exhibits traits in opposition to those three, your confidence would take a healthy boost.  Clients, friends or bosses would have only good things to say about you.

The result of that is a feel-good juice coursing through your veins. That would inspire you to do more to retain that feeling.

At this point, the feeling in you would be like that of somebody who can do anything if they put their mind to it. In actual fact, that ability to do anything is something you had in you all this time. You just needed something like deadlines to make you realize it.

Now you know why deadlines are important, the next step is how to make sure you don’t fail in meeting up that deadline. Here are some simple tips to follow on how to set workable deadlines:

  • Make sure the deadlines are realistic
  • Take time to think of the steps and challenges involved
  • Make sure there are dire consequences when creating deadlines
  • Include a reward when creating deadlines
  • Tell people you respect about the deadline so you would be under an obligation not to disappoint them.

So what do you think about setting deadlines in your life? What strategies were you comfortable with?

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